Soft Skills Winter Edition: Investing in the Personal Growth of Your Teams

In the 2nd edition of our Soft Skills Series compilation, we focus on how to invest in the personal growth of your team with three experts.

The cold is here, so it’s time for the Winter Edition! Now is the perfect time to focus on your teams.

Our first expert, Fons Trompenaars, addresses two important subjects. First, he demonstrates how can you make cultural differences a positive with his proven Four-Rs method. Then he’ll give you insights on how to change corporate culture to reflect a global workforce. Next up is Amy Edmondson, a renowned expert on psychological safety, to help you create a safe work environment where employees feel comfortable enough to contribute ideas. And finally, Matthieu Ricard looks at how companies can make big changes in the world with corporate altruism, while at the same time benefitting their employees.

Download our Soft Skills Series – Winter Edition compilation and start applying the advice of our experts today!

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