Managing cultural differences in a complex world

In a world that has become more sensitive to the need for diversity, equity & inclusion efforts, renowned expert and CrossKnowledge Faculty member Fons Trompenaars demonstrates how can you make cultural differences a positive for your workplace.

The working world has gone global. With more and more communication taking place across digital channels and bringing people from diverse backgrounds together, this can give rise to cultural misunderstandings. Miscommunications and unintentional disrespect can weaken your teams, interfere with collaboration, and negatively impact productivity. It can also damage professional reputations and erode trust in client relationships.

How can you avoid these detrimental situations? Or perhaps you need to put your workplace environment and company culture back on track?

In this newest e-Book, we present Trompenaars’ proven Four-Rs method that will help you make positive long-term changes to your corporate culture in order to reflect a diverse and global workforce. His advice can be applied to your organization as a whole, or help target specific regions or teams that may be struggling.

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