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The Importance of Manager Allyship in a Human Workplace

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In the past years, we've seen the emergence of a human-centered corporate culture, one that values employee experience, builds a network of trust, and a diverse team. Even though true success in this endeavor relies on the contribution of each employee, organizations often miss the mark when it comes to recognizing that a prerequisite to achieve this lies with managers.

While leadership sets the stage for how employees feel about the company, employees end up experiencing their workplace through the lens of their direct manager.

The question is, how can business leaders support managers who are being asked to develop a human and inclusive culture?

In this Fireside Chat, Amber Cabral and Ken Roden discuss the manager ally, someone who supports diversity, inclusion, and equity in their own place of work.

You will learn:

  • What manager allyship means and its impact on creating a more human and inclusive workplace
  • How employees can benefit from allyship in an uncertain environment
  • How organizations can build manager allyship and encourage managers to be allies

Our Experts

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Amber Cabral

is an inclusion strategist, certified coach, writer and speaker

She is the author of Wiley bestseller Allies and Advocates. Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., she is the founder of Cabral Co., a diversity, equity and inclusive leadership-focused consulting firm. She hosts the You Can Have Whatever You Want® podcast and regularly speaks and writes about inclusion, culture, equity and social justice topics.

Amber also serves on the Executive Board for non-profit organizations committed to promoting diverse representation and empowering women and girls across the globe.

Ken Roden

is Senior Brand Director for Wiley CrossKnowledge

Ken Roden is Senior Director of Brand Strategy at Wiley. Ken came to Wiley in 2022 to oversee CrossKnowledge and streamline its brand positioning and market strategy.  Ken’s career highlights his passion for learning technology. His experience, focused on product marketing and strategy, includes leading LMS companies such as Blackboard, Cornerstone OnDemand, and D2L.  

Ken holds an M.B.A. from the University of Washington, and a B.A. in Communication from George Mason University. 

Clement Durand

Business Unit Manager, North America & Brazil

I am a lifelong learner and supporter of all things digital. My 10 years of experience @ CrossKnowledge and Wiley have allowed me to learn from leading companies on how to build effective learning cultures and on how to deliver impactful learning that lasts.My passions drive me forward whether that is discovering a new podcast, aspiring to become an amateur mountaineer or figuring-out the day’s Wordle.