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Empowering Managers
to Lead from the Middle

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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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The role of middle managers is undergoing significant change. Top-down hierarchies are giving way to flatter, more agile “middle-out” operations that can aptly respond to the shifting market conditions amid emerging crises. The persistent ambiguity of the last few years has pressured those at the frontline of their organizations to bring clarity and direction to drive results. To thrive within these dynamic conditions, managers need to leverage a broad skillset to engage and influence a range of stakeholders — in short, they must lead up, down, and across their organization.

In recent years, corporate learning has focused heavily on scalable skill development through online, self-paced learning. However, the effectiveness of this approach for middle managers is being challenged. Due to limited time and attention for learning, they can struggle to find value in lengthy programs that aren’t practical or contextualized to the most critical problems they’re facing. Furthermore, competing priorities and urgencies can derail the ability to keep learning on the schedule when motivation is solely their responsibility. What managers need is a better learning solution that doesn’t require them to do it all on their own and brings the human element back into learning.

In this webinar, we address:

  • The key challenges middle managers face today
  • How an outcomes-oriented approach to learning is critical for managers
  • How L&D teams can address these skills development needs
  • The power of both cohort-based and facilitator-guided learning

Our Expert

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David Hill

Senior Director, Content Strategy
Wiley CrossKnowledge

David Hill is Senior Director of Content for Professional Learning at Wiley. Previously, he served as VP of Faculty, Content, and Curriculum at Singularity University and led content strategy at Udacity. Though his early career was in chemistry, his current interests focus on the Future of Learning and Work as well as the exponential technologies transforming them.

Harmy Ghataore

Key Account Executive

Vincent Maurin is a digital learning specialist with 20 years of experience in the design and deployment of learning environments for a large organization. He has been involved in many different aspects of digital learning, ranging from design, production, deployment, IT and HRIS integration, marketing, communication, and change management. His main areas of expertise are usability, learning, cognition, marketing, communication, technology, graphic design, video, and web culture. He is currently a learning partner at ArcelorMittal University.

Clement Durand

Business Unit Manager, North America & Brazil

I am a lifelong learner and supporter of all things digital. My 10 years of experience @ CrossKnowledge and Wiley have allowed me to learn from leading companies on how to build effective learning cultures and on how to deliver impactful learning that lasts.My passions drive me forward whether that is discovering a new podcast, aspiring to become an amateur mountaineer or figuring-out the day’s Wordle.