How resilience culture enabled Accor Group to succeed in a major business transformation 

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How digital learning enabled major change at Accor Group

This webinar explores how Accor Group's digital leadership program empowered the workforce to execute a major transformation during the pandemic. The development of leaders proved to be a key success factor of enabling the change management of Accor Group and the continuous engagement of colleagues. The building of this internal culture had a double positive impact on the evolution of the way of working and on the increase in peer communication.

Our experts for this webinar are Michal Bibliowicz, VP Global Leadership & Culture at Accor Group and Morgan Ballèvre, Pre-sales Director at CrossKnowledge.

This webinar is for you if you are interested in how to implement a culture of resilience by enabling leaders to motivate their teams.

Three key take-aways:
  • How digital learning enabled the rapid changes needed in the transformation process of Accor Group
  • How does a leadership program support transformation ?
  • The role of soft skills in creating a resilience culture

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Michal Bibliowicz will be interviewed by Morgan Ballèvre.

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    • Michal Bibliowicz

    • VP Global Leadership & Culture

    • Accor Group

    Michal Bibliowicz works as a leadership consultant and coach on transformational projects, helping leaders become more innovative, authentic and inclusive with their teams and the overall organization. She managed global leadership development programs for corporate executives from Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, and Marsh & McLennan Companies. She is an executive coach and is certified in the Intercultural Effectiveness Survey, and has extensive experience working with DISC, FIRO-B, Derailers, and Strength Scope. 
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    • Morgan Ballèvre

    • Pre-Sales Director

    • CrossKnowledge

    Morgan is a solution-driven, business oriented professional with 6 years' experience in the learning industry. His passion? Ensuring that all the relevant stakeholders are speaking the same languages and are aligned when it comes to developing people. With excellent interpersonal and public speaking, he is a truly natural team player as well as a great leader (coming from his background as a semi-professional rugby player). Amazed at modern technologies, he is curious to find out how we can leverage Learning Technologies and some learning design to deliver impactful learning experiences. 
  • Agenda
    23th November, 2021
    at 3pm CET / 2pm GMT