Digital Learning Maturity
A Map for Impact

On-demand Webinar

Is your organization ready for effective SKILLS BUILDING at scale?

How close are you to your L&D goals? Where are you in your digital learning maturity against where you need to be? Are you looking to increase business outcomes using L&D? 

In this short webinar, our CrossKnowledge expert will explore how you can best tackle these questions and what key actions you can take to build a personalized 'Map for Impact' for your organization.

Join the webinar to discover:

  • What the self-fulfilling learning prophecy is and how you can create one of success
  • How to build a map for impact to support continuous upskilling and reskilling at scale
  • How reshaping your skills landscape can produce greater business outcomes 

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Your Speaker

    • Cedric.jpg
    • Cedric Borzee

      CrossKnowledge, Senior Learning Strategist

  • Cedric has 20 years of professional experience in the fields of HR, L&D, Communications and PR. During his 7 years at CrossKnowledge, he has specialized in digital learning as a key driver for business transformation and people performance.