How Alstom was able to foster learner engagement using blended learning during the pandemic

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How do you engage learners and create a sense of community with digital learning?

The past 2 years have seen a lot of turbulence and change for L&D teams. Remote working meant that digital learning was the only option available for training for many but this often lacked the social interaction that learners craved. So how did Alstom overcome these challenges to create a successful corporate university?

In this webinar, Eduardo Tapia, Sales & Partnerships Manager for Alstom university in conversation with Morgan Ballevre, Presales Manager, CrossKnowledge share how BlendedX technology alongside the innovative use of partnering tools helped the award winning Alstom corporate university to engage learners and ensure the social interaction that learners craved.

Key takeaways

  • Examples of using BlendedX alongside other tools to boost learner engagement
  • The importance of creating social interactions in a digital learning environment
  • How to scale a digital learning solution for multiple geographies

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Eduardo TAPIA is interviewed by Morgan Ballèvre.

    • Eduardo Alstom.png
    • Eduardo TAPIA

    • Sales & Partnerships Manager

    • Alstom University

    Passionate for learning and sharing, Eduardo Tapia is a business-oriented learning professional with extensive experience in the sustainable mobility sector. He is Sales & Partnerships Manager for Alstom University, responsible for the commercialization of Alstom’s learning offering. He is focused on improving customers’ and partner’s learning experience and helps them reach their learning goals. In previous roles, he built highly effective blended courses and thus contributing to Alstom’s competitiveness.
    Eduardo’s team has won multiple awards for powerful learning projects and innovation including Brandon Hall, Innove You and U-Spring, including Best Launch of a Corporate University and, most recently, for his ‘Successful Negotiation Program’. In the past he has been responsible for marketing and communication of after-sales services at Alstom. The mix of learning and marketing is a key element in Eduardo’s work.
    • morgan-ballevre.png
    • Morgan Ballèvre

    • Pre-Sales Director

    • CrossKnowledge

    Morgan is a solution-driven, business oriented professional with 6 years' experience in the learning industry. His passion? Ensuring that all the relevant stakeholders are speaking the same languages and are aligned when it comes to developing people. With excellent interpersonal and public speaking, he is a truly natural team player as well as a great leader (coming from his background as a semi-professional rugby player). Amazed at modern technologies, he is curious to find out how we can leverage Learning Technologies and some learning design to deliver impactful learning experiences.