Balancing Act : Why the Future of Work is Equitable

How to boost employee well-being and restore balance for your colleagues? 

With the ongoing pandemic and many organizations still working from home it is more difficult than ever to maintain the work-life balance. These circumstances have led to an increased focus on well-being of colleagues and an interesting challenge for HR and L&D teams as they try to establish how to restore this balance.

How can corporate learning support employee well-being and the balance of work?

With this question in mind, CrossKnowledge and getAbstract partnered to create a webinar sharing the experiences of two organizations that have taken unique approaches to this challenge. 

Alexander Stolze, Head of Wellbeing at ING Benelux will explain how his team has seen the benefits of team empowerment to boost well-being 

Ronald Plantinga, Global L&D manager at Royal FrieslandCampina details how 4 principles are guiding the organization through this period whilst strengthening staff resilience.

Our client speakers are joined by Thomas Bergen CEO of getAbstract and Jan Rijken, Learning Director at CrossKnowledge who will offer their unique perspectives on the topic.

Client Speakers

    • Alexander Stolze Landing Page.jpg
    • Alexander Stolze

      Head of Wellbeing

      ING Benelux

    • Ronald Plantiga Landing Page.jpg
    • Ronald Plantinga

      Global L&D Manager 

      Royal FrieslandCampina

Key Takeaways 

  • How to encourage work/life balance
  • Building Resilience within teams
  • Providing colleagues with the tools for success