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How Purpose-led Learning Ignites Employee Engagement

Three Levels of Impact for L&D Leaders
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Design a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy: a 5-step Methodology

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March 17, 2022 - 2:00pm GMT
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Your employees crave work that has meaning.

You ignite engagement when you make learning more relevant and intrinsically motivating for employees, because they crave work that has meaning. Purpose-led learning, the idea of connecting training programs directly to organizational purpose, can play a foundational role in connecting individuals and teams.

This is because having a shared story gives meaning to oneʼs work and relationships at work. Whenever you reforge culture and connections in the post-pandemic hybrid work, that feeling of contribution and togetherness can drive engagement.

With facilitated learning, a live virtual facilitator empowers individuals and teams to learn in a group environment, offering ways to connect, work together, and practice skills in the pursuit of a shared purpose. This drives more impact for employees, teams, and organizations than standard asynchronous online learning courses.

L&D leaders have a vital role in activating purpose for employees, shaping its impact, and harnessing its benefits throughout the organization. This infographic shows how L&D leaders can directly connect learning to organizational purpose and drive engagement on three levels: