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L&D leaders, can you relate to any of these scenarios?

If so, you need facilitated learning!
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Design a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy: a 5-step Methodology

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March 17, 2022 - 2:00pm GMT
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Classroom training and standard asynchronous online courses both have their place in corporate learning.

But neither of these approaches alone can impact the training experience like facilitated learning can.

Facilitated learning enhances how your employees gain skills by using a live facilitator who can meet your employees’ need for human connection, while encouraging interactive group activities that deepen understanding and skills retention. The result is an effective and collaborative learning approach that provides the opportunity for more consistent application of new skills across the business.

This impactful yet cost-effective and scalable approach to training can also help to restore social connections among your employees and reinforce company culture – something that is crucial in today’s remote and hybrid-working environments.

There are many reasons why facilitated learning is a sure bet to re-energize the training experience at your organization and breathe new life into your programs. This infographic presents a few problematic scenarios that might seem familiar to L&D professionals and how facilitated learning can help: