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Enhancing Your Leaders' Ability to Manage Uncertainty, with Nathan and Susannah Furr

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Duration 45 min
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Uncertainty often brings anxiety and stress to managers and leaders, making it difficult to guide their teams effectively. But what if you could transform that anxiety into a powerful force for positive change? 

Join us for an exclusive chat with renowned experts Nathan and Susannah Furr, and discover how to empower leaders and managers to turn uncertainty into an opportunity for growth and innovation.

In this interactive session, you'll gain practical strategies rooted in psychology, innovation, and decision science to help your managers and leaders: 

  • Navigate uncertainty with confidence 
  • Develop ‘uncertainty ability’ for unpredictable challenges 
  • Find opportunities through any upheaval

Facilitated by Sara Marie, Director of Strategy for Content at CrossKnowledge, this fireside chat provides a unique opportunity to engage with Nathan and Susannah live. Get your most pressing questions answered and walk away with actionable insights to thrive in the face of uncertainty. 

Our Experts

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Sara Marie

Director of Strategy for Content at CrossKnowledge

Bringing over a decade of experience in the Education Sector to the organization. With a rich background in consulting, Sara has played a pivotal role in shaping education strategies and policies for educational institutions and governments worldwide. Prior to joining Wiley, she contributed her strategic expertise to Udacity, focusing on both partnerships and content strategy. Sara's commitment to advancing education remains unwavering as she continues to drive meaningful change in her current role.

Nathan Furr

Professor of Strategy and Innovation at INSEAD

A recognized expert in the fields of innovation and technology strategy. Professor Furr earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University where he studied how innovators commercialize their ideas. His bestselling books include The Innovator’s Method, Leading Transformation, Innovation Capital and The Upside of Uncertainty, all published by Harvard Business Review Press. He has published broadly in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Forbes, Inc. and academic journals. He is an Innosight Fellow, has been nominated for the Thinkers 50 Innovation Award and works with leading companies including Google, Microsoft, Citi, ING, Philips, Solvay and many more.

Susannah Harmon Furr

Designer, art historian and founder of a women’s clothing line

Susannah Harmon Furr in addition to teaching individuals and organizations about uncertainty, she has recently started a bio-intensive garden in Normandy that focuses on regenerative ecosystems. With Nathan Furr, she is the co-author of The Upside of Uncertainty. Together, they started the UP (Uncertainty Possibility) School, a center of learning and community designed to help participants find meaningful possibilities and transformation in their lives and careers.