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Insights from Hager Group on Tailoring Training to Address Managerial Challenges Effectively

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Duration 1 hour
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Join us for a webinar featuring Sabine Baron, Learning Consultant in charge of leadership development at Hager Group, who will share her expertise on this engaging topic of managerial culture. Sabine will discuss challenges faced by managers regardless of their environment and strategies to address them.

We'll also explore the crucial matter of aligning managerial practices in a global context while considering local specificities. 

Furthermore, you can learn all about Hager Group's innovative experiences with Blended programs, which offer an integrated and flexible approach to manager development, combining online and in-person elements.

Don't miss this insightful episode on team management in a continuously evolving international environment.

Our Experts

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Iryna Prakapovich

Solutions Consultant at CrossKnowledge

With five years of experience, Iryna Prakapovich excels in guiding clients and prospects through the intricacies of defining their needs for international e-commerce and e-learning projects. Possessing remarkable communication skills, she establishes strong and lasting relationships with a diverse clientele, facilitating a thorough understanding of the specific requirements of each project. Her mastery of multicultural challenges allows her to navigate effortlessly in international contexts, promoting an inclusive and adaptive approach. Driven by a passion for understanding the unique demands of each client, she delivers tailor-made solutions that foster the success and growth of projects. Leveraging her expertise, she has developed a strategic vision that extends beyond borders, contributing to the rise of innovative and impactful projects on the international stage.

Caroline Meriaux

Learning Design Consultant at CrossKnowledge

Caroline Meriaux is a Learning Design Consultant at Crossknowledge. She supports companies in the design of their online or blended training projects. She helps them design their learning experiences and apply online learning best practices. She also facilitates workshops on these topics. Before joining Crossknowledge, Caroline worked for over 16 years in Higher Education where her role was to help faculty and programs with new technologies and new forms of pedagogy such as blended learning and the flipped classroom methodology.

Sabine Baron

Learning Consultant & Responsible Global Leadership Development at Hager Group.

Sabine Baron is a learning consultant, responsible for the global leadership development at Hager Group. Drawing from her background in operational HR, Talent Management, and Learning & Development in multinational settings her aim is to deliver practical and impactful learning experiences, empowering leaders to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape with confidence. Sabine holds a master’s degree in adult education.